Meet Ashley Shepherd

With a degree from Berklee College of Music, Ashley Shepherd has been playing the bass for over 30 years. Starting out playing in jazz band and local rock bands in high school, he moved into a career producing, engineering and playing on records that have garnered gold and platinum awards.

His credits include Peter Frampton, Humble Pie, Blessid Union of Souls, Carol King, Bad Veins, 500 Miles to Memphis, Pokemon the Movie, Google, NASCAR, NFL, Oprah, Everyone Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Puma, Proctor & Gamble, Woolrich Clothing and many more.

As a technical author, he has written Pro Tools for Film, TV and Multimedia (2nd. Ed. ISBN: 1598635328), Nuendo 5 Power (ISBN:143545958X) Plug-in Power (ISBN:1592009530) and writes manuals for Steinberg, Yamaha, and Iosono.

At his studio,, he continues to write, and produce new music and create sound design for films, games and television. You can also find him playing out on the weekends with his blues band or sitting in with his wife, Annette’s jazz trio’s.

What Ashley Uses

Below is a list of basses and bass accessories Ashley uses.


  • ‘78 Fender Precision
  • Warwick 5-string Masterman
  • Geddy Lee Signature Series Jazz Bass
  • ‘40’s Kay Upright Bass (modified 5-string)
  • U-Bass
  • Fender Acoustic Bass BG-31


  • Custom Schmidlin CVG All tube 120 watt head
  • Custom Schmidlin 1x15” Webber cabinet
  • David Eden 15” extension cabinet
  • MarkBass 12” combo
  • Peavey Delta Blues 30 watt tube combo w/15” speaker (great for recording)


  • Sans Amp programmable Bass DI Driver
  • Peterson Pedal Strobe Tuner
  • Aphex Punch Factory Optical Compressor
  • Boss Octaver
  • Boss Chorus
  • Boss Low Frequency Graphic EQ
  • Boss Wah/Volume pedal
  • Sovtek Big Muff
  • Sovtek Small Stone