Example Lessons

Below are some free example of bass lessons we offer. We offer a large variety of bass lessons for beginners, aspiring bassists, and advanced bassists.

Example Lessons

Beginner Bass Lessons - How To Play Bass Guitar - Quickstart

In this first video in a series of beginner bass lessons Ashley, the instructor, will be showing you a quick start on how to play bass guitar. He will get you playing some bass licks in just a few minutes!

Give It Away Bass Guitar Lesson | Flea | Bassline

In this song lesson, Ashley will show you the bass line from the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Give It Away, which uses a very distinctive articulation by Flea.

Intro To Walking Bass Guitar | Bass Guitar Lesson | Bass line

In this walking bass guitar lesson Ashley will introduce the concept of walking bass and how you construct a bass line out of chord tones, scale notes and chromatics.