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Lesson Categories

Below are a list of the categories we offer.

A little about Center Stage Bass Academy

Center Stage Bass Academy offers a comprehensive approach to learning bass through a series of online bass lessons that gradually build from the very basics to more advanced techniques.

Beginner bass lessons start with easy step by step goals that give the student confidence and reduces the amount of frustration that can come with learning how to play bass guitar. While most online bass lessons throw the student into overwhelming concepts from the get go, we begin with simple techniques and build progressively giving you the solid foundation you will need to learn bass guitar and achieve your bass playing goals.

Center Stage Bass Academy lessons will provide you high quality video with multiple angles giving the student maximum exposure to the instructor, as he teaches you the essential fundamentals to learn bass guitar. Learn bass guitar now from these online bass lessons produced with the students’ needs in mind.


Designed For All Levels Of Players
Center Stage Bass Academy is geared towards beginner and intermediate players. While many online bass lesson sites throw you an overwhelming amount of frustrating and overwhelming advanced instruction, we focus on building from the bottom to the top. Solid foundation is the key to learn bass and achieve your bass guitar playing goals.

One Instructor
Learn bass guitar from one instructor. While having many different instructors seems great, it can be quite confusing to the beginner. Here you’ll have one instructor in a systematic approach that takes you through the process step by step exposing you to many styles.

High Quality Video
Online Bass Lessons are brought to you in high quality video. We offer you high quality video with split screens and several angles giving you maximum exposure to the instructor.

Additional Study Material
Center Stage Bass Academy gives the student suggested study material in addition to the lessons. Suggested study material will consist of additional tabs to your favorite popular tunes that correspond to the lessons. We will also include ear training exercises, play along jam tracks, and quiz material to test your progress.

Well Rounded
At Center Stage we feel it is important to expose the beginning bass guitar player to many styles of music and music theory. Our goal is to make you a well rounded musician as well as bass guitar player by teaching you the essential playing techniques and music theory needed to write your own music as well as play your favorite tunes. Learn how to play bass guitar and write your own songs.

New Lessons Added Monthly
Center Stage Bass Academy is committed to creating diverse lessons for all styles by adding new lessons each month.