Volume 18

Mo stuff.... 6-16

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Volume 17

Volume 16

Volume 15

Volume 14

Volume 13

Volume 12

12th Volume of Bass Lessons

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Volume 11

Volume 10

Volume 9

Volume 8

Volume 7

Volume 7 is a collection of song study lessons. These lessons include instruction of some of the most popular bass lines in music.

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Volume 6

Volume 6 covers bass articulations such as bends, vibrato, slides, hammer ons, and pull offs. These articulations can be used to add flavor and color to your bass playing. We will also have a brief introduction to Drop D tuning.

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Volume 5

Volume 5 covers several exercises using the scales and modes that you have learned so far. These exercises are great for building speed and technique in your bass playing.

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Volume 4

In this volume I will be teaching a variety of common chord progressions found in rock, blues, pop, and country music. We will also learn some specific songs that are built on these progressions.

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Volume 3

Volume 4 covers the 7 modes derived from the Major scale. Then we move into Pentatonic Minor and Major scales, Blues scale, and Basic Chords, including seventh chords.

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Volume 2

Volume 2 covers several topics including the notes on the neck, music notation, intervals, Major and Minor scales, and basic triad chords.

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Volume 1

Volume 1 covers the very basic concepts of knowing the parts of the bass, left and right hand techniques, and how to tune your bass . This is for the complete beginner.

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